FAST Automation Animation
The FAST DX family of autosamplers are a reliable, high-throughput, automated sample introduction system. They provide the perfect platform to introduce even the most demanding high-matrix samples.
apex Ω High Sensitivity Desolvating Nebulizer System
The apex Ω desolvating nebulizer is the highest performing ICPMS sample introduction system available. An innovative multistage Peltier-cooled desolvation system combined in series with a helical EPTFE fluoropolymer membrane desolvator simultaneously maximizes ICPMS sensitivity and reduces oxides.
DXCi Autocorrecting Autosampler Animation
ESI has developed a NEW autocorrecting autosampler that eliminates costly interruptions, the DXCi. It automatically monitors and corrects probe position prior to every sampling event, enhances performance of ultra-high throughput SampleSense FAST systems utilizing fast-moving probes sampling from small vessels and 96 well plates and eliminates costly analysis interruptions caused by accidental operator impacts with sampling probe.
microFAST MC Syringe Loading and Injection Animation
The microFAST MC combines the advantages of the SC-µDX autosampler with single or dual loop FAST capabilities and syringe based sample loading/injection.
plasmaTRAX Media Encoder
PLASMATRAX™ is an advanced, automated sample identification and tracking system that accurately associates stored information with a sample throughout the introduction process. Through a series of four distinct stages, PLASMATRAX™ uses barcodes to enter, store and reference data associated with a sample from initial collection to taring and final dilution.
prepFAST Autodilution Animation
prepFAST is the ultimate sample/standard autodilution system, automatically performing precise and accurate inline dilutions. Capable of up to 400x dilution, the prepFAST is the fastest, simplest way to ensure high quality data in every run.
prepFAST IC - Arsenic Speciation
Farming in areas with arsenic enriched soil and groundwater can lead to an increase in arsenic levels found in several dietary staples. Naturally occurring organic and inorganic arsenic are composed of several species with a wide range of toxicity levels.
prepFAST IC - Chromium Speciation in Toys
The regulation (EN 71-3 and 71-3A1) concerning toy safety requires the detection of Cr VI at very low levels, possibly in the presence of a large excess of Cr III. In this new regulation the maximum allowed value in Category II toys for Cr VI is 5µg/Kg.
prepFAST IC - Mercury Speciation
Mercury (Hg) exists in the environment in several forms, all of which are toxic to humans to some degree. Obtaining precise, timely measurements of Hg in environmental samples—especially methylmercury (MeHg) in water samples—is essential to monitoring potential toxicity issues.
prepFAST IC - Selenium Speciation
Selenium is a naturally occurring element that is widely distributed throughout the environment and is a part of many industrial applications. For example, selenium is a component in the manufacturing of photovoltaic cells, metal alloys, and medical therapeutic agents, as well as an oxidizing agent in drug and chemical manufacturing.
prepFAST IC Speciation Animation
Trace metal laboratories are often required to speciate samples at frequencies that do not require a dedicated LC-ICPMS. As a result, costly LC systems need to be constantly attached and detached from the ICPMS. The prepFAST IC is a single platform capable of providing total elemental analysis and elemental speciation.
prepFAST M5 Autodilution Animation
The prepFAST M5 for ICP and ICPMS is a fully integrated autodilution and autocalibration system that improves precision and detection limits while significantly increasing sample throughput.
SampleSense Valve Animation
SampleSense is the only sample introduction valve on the market with optical sensor technology. It is a fully automated sampling valve for ICP and ICPMS, featuring Intelligent Sample Verification (ISV).
SC-DX Autosampler Automated Sample Analysis Animation
All DX autosamplers are designed for the trace metal lab. They utilize a Dual X-rail design combined with a large diameter Z-rail with theta angular motion for precise sampling.
seaFAST Automated Seawater Analysis Animation
The seaFAST is an automated sample introduction system for analysis of seawater and other high matrix samples. It delivers excellent accuracy and repeatability, giving labs research-quality results with minimal effort.